- About Us -

Our story starts with countless hours of discussions about how architecture should be done and how the business model should encourage good architecture. We have the vision, energy and skills set to make our mark, therefore in 2018 we decided to launch Autumn Design.

We are a Geneva based practice accompanying clients at any stage of the projects. We are committed to help you deliver on time and within budget. We strive deliver the high quality and the respect which good architecture requires.

Visualizing architecture

Visual communication

Our goal is to help you communicate with intent. What is your message? It will be reflected in the images we will create for you (technical or cinematic perspectives, graphic diagrams).

Real site model

With our 3D scanner camera technology we can obtain the surroundings of your design in a digital format, both interior and exterior. We will place the model within a real space.

Drone footage

In order to reduce the modelling time and to achieve the most realistic environment
we offer drone recording services as well.

Building information modelling
& technical drawings

We offer BIM services for current or new projects. All of our visualizations are based on precise BIM models. There is a common misconception that BIM is equivalent to 3D design, which does not do justice to the former. BIM is a process of creating and managing all the information of a project - before, during and after construction. We make available to you one archive file which contains all the underlying data of the project.

Project development

We assist you in the design process by offering technical and functional related support. Our main focus is on architectural design, without disregarding the interior and exhibition design.

Why Choose Us

We have years experience in the architectural design and development area and we are currently transitioning towards the product and prototyping area.


Meet deadlines

We will answer with a quote in less than 48hrs and help you meet the deadline.


Highest quality

We strive to deliver maximum quality in the available time.


We work in the most common 30+ platforms which allow us to use the technical solutions best adapted to your project.

Our Approach

On-site visit

With this ocassion we can have the first evaluation of the project requirements.

Project discussion

The design will be developed together with the architecture office.

Technical development

Plans and details that suit the optimal solution are being considered.