- Extras -

Sometimes projects require thinking outside the box and for that

we have a wide range of options.

Measuring architecture

Digital surveying

Before starting our design process we need to take accurate dimmensions of the site
where the project will be built and create digital drawings.

Point cloud

With our point cloud technology we can obtain the surroundings of your design
in a digital format, both interior and exterior and syncronise it with the digital survey.

3D printed scale model

In some cases it is required for the design to be viewed as a physical model,
we offer 3D printing and CNC* layout services as well.

360° VR models

with real location

We offer 360° VR services for current or new designs based on the real location of the project. In this manner you can visualize the design in the browser or with a specific application using any VR headset. Currently we also can provide realtime visualization with our holographic headset. Full-screen versions can be seen here 360M and here 360S .